TriCultivation: Your Own Recipe for a Radiant Spiritual Life

1. Start where you are. You may have already been on a path of spiritual exploration, but maybe it hasn’t been totally fulfilling. Or, you are loving your spiritual life, but you feel there is something more that you just aren’t getting. Good news: You are OK exactly where you are now. Take what you’ve learned and add the right ingredients to move it up to a higher level, one that uniquely reflects who you really are spiritually and how you want to thrive.

2. Understand a balanced spiritual diet. You need a balanced daily spiritual diet which will help you to experience radiant spiritual health and begin to feel amazing. It is similar to the way you need a balanced food diet to be physically healthy and feel good. Unfortunately, the basic knowledge of what really creates a balanced spiritual diet has been hard to find until now. When you learn TriCultivation, you will understand what spiritual balance is and what kinds of things you need to do to create it. Then you can mix and match activities to cultivate a balanced blend that works in your actual life.

3. Eat a rainbow. You don’t have to subscribe exclusively to one path, one person’s teaching or one doctrine if you have found that it doesn’t quite fit for you. Or maybe some parts are very fulfilling, but other parts are missing. Once you gain an understanding of what balanced spirituality is and what works to create it, you can build an amazing spiritual life for yourself. If you already have beliefs, abilities, or viewpoints that you value, keep them and add to them. Keep what is helpful to you, then use effective strategies to add missing ingredients which spice up the whole process. Balanced spirituality, the focus of TriCultivation, is healthy, really works and stands the test of time.

4. Create your own recipe. Learn the TriCultivation model to understand what you want and need spiritually, then use effective techniques to create a spiritual life that works for you.

5. Use the best ingredients. To cook really healthy food, you must use the best ingredients. In the same way, there are many ineffective practices which claim to foster spiritual development. TriCultivation looks at how to evaluate spiritual practices and their results to determine if they are really working for you. If not, you might like to try some alternatives from world traditions that have proven effective over time, sometimes for centuries, for many different kinds of people.

6. Enjoy a radiantly fulfilling life. Eating a really balanced food diet regularly will quickly begin to transform you into a happier, more radiant human being. Enjoying a healthy spiritual diet will multiply this radiant happiness many times over.


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Delicious Spiritual Living Beyond Beliefs

Welcome to my first TriCultivation blog post about developing a deeply delicious spiritual life, even if you have no religious beliefs whatsoever. I’ll be explaining why spirituality is a normal human experience essentially independent of any specific beliefs or practices. And you will learn how to create a delicious, loving,  joyous and energized daily life.

You have amazing spiritual abilities right now, and you can readily cultivate these deeply and well.  People from various world cultures and traditions have been doing this for centuries, usually focusing on developing only one or two specific facets of spiritual experience they knew about. We will discuss more on why this happens as we go.

The understanding of personal spiritual development, also called cultivation, is not especially new.  In the 21st Century we are now able to learn and utilize so many of these traditional ways while at the same time accessing newly developed ones that show real utility. We can now have a good understanding of most all the facets of natural human spirituality and precisely how to develop them in effective and practical ways.

Please join me in this work in progress as I develop the TriCultivation website with a very new understanding of balanced human spirituality. I hope to cut through the current chaos of widely varying concepts and information about human spirituality. Then explore how to experience a deeply delicious spiritual life. No change in your personal beliefs is needed, unless you find them impeding your progress. You get to choose what to keep and what to drop.

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