TriCultivation is my word for the systematic development of the three main areas of human spirituality. These areas have been studied and cultivated for centuries with wonderful results. But until recently there was no simple, unified way to access this knowledge.

With TriCultivation I hope to provide you with a way to cut through the current chaos of spiritual misunderstandings and narrow beliefs, and give you useful tools to live a natural profound life that is beyond either of these.

About Me

I’ve been studying world spiritual traditions and practices since I was fourteen. Along the way I have traveled to many parts of the world, and I’ve learned and taught meditation and other practices of spiritual development. Some didn’t work that well; some were amazing. Along the way I earned a degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology, and worked for years as a staff therapist at a psychiatric hospital.

After 40+ years of practice and learning, I’ve come to have an understanding of human spirituality that is a bit different from most of what I’ve seen elsewhere. I feel it is more inclusive of all kinds of human spirituality and also more natural. I decided this was a good time to put some of it into print so others could use this information.

Nothing here is undisputed, absolute truth. Instead it is meant to be pointing to  knowledge and information that I hope will help all of us grow more healthy and alive. Every area discussed needs much more refinement, research and development. This will hopefully take place rapidly over the next few decades if we can get needed funding for research.

This site is the result of my intention to share with you how I understand human spirituality, as well as give you practical tools to use. I hope you find it useful and inspiring. I am grateful for you joining us in this journey to a deeper experience of meaning and beauty.


Bill Edmiston, TriCultivation.com