Welcome to the Practical TriCultivator

If you’ve been looking for that ‘Something More’ that has been missing from your life, but haven’t quite been able to find it, you are in the right place! Maybe you’ve tried meditation, yoga and tai-chi. Or you’ve tried attending spiritual groups, had psychic readings and read a bunch of metaphysical books, but nothing has truly impacted you, or maybe nothing quite fit.

Also, if you are “Spiritual but not Religious,” SBNR, or if you love a specific religious or sacred tradition but feel that somehow there must be even more, you will probably love TriCultivation!

The focus here is learning the simple, practical way to begin to live a life of extraordinary meaning and beauty.  This will happen spontaneously for you when you how to cultivate  dormant natural abilities, shared by every person, that are your birthright. You will learn ways to come alive that have been found to be helpful to many different kinds of people, and to be deeply fulfilling and nourishing. No special beliefs are needed, just as no special beliefs are responsible for the nourishing effects of healthy foods.

TriCultivation refers to developing, or cultivating, the three main areas of spiritual life that lead you to directly experience great fulfillment within yourself and also in your daily life with others. Rather than a philosophy, TriCultivation is a practical cultivation technology based on understanding how the different areas of your brain function to contain different aspects of spiritual human consciousness.

We will be discussing the following remarkable information about spiritual cultivation in detail:

  • Know that Spirituality is Natural: You were born ready! Spirituality is a normal human experience, before and beyond any specific beliefs or religious practices.
  • Create Your Own Recipe: Find out how to create your own recipe for loving, energized spiritual living right in your regular daily life; no special beliefs are required.
  • Select the Best Practices: Many simple practices have  an excellent track record of developing the wonderful but dormant spiritual abilities within the human consciousness. Pick what works for you.
  • Blossom in Every Area of Spirituality: Different areas of your brain need different kinds of cultivation to thrive.
  • Grow Balanced Breadth and Depth: Often spiritual practitioners and people from some religious traditions seem to be missing out on some important aspect of life, or lacking in a kind of healthy natural balance. TriCultivation is designed to inherently help correct these kinds of spiritual imbalances and develop a deep synergy from within.

No matter what your tradition or culture, if you have a human body and nervous system and wish to have more depth, meaning and beauty in your life, you have come to the right place. I think you will be very happy with your results.

Join me in this journey to a new understanding of human spirituality, especially your own! Please check the blog page regularly for recent posts as I build the foundation and structure of what you need to know to fully experience this amazing kind of living.  Or, I recommend signing up as a VIP member of the TriCultivation blog [Not working yet 🙂 ] to get the latest posts emailed to you as well as any special information for members only.

Thank you for visiting us!

Bill Edmiston, TriCultivation.com